Fajr Capital was established in 2008 on the basis of a shared vision: to create a world-class investment platform that connects the Middle East with East Asia and supports growth companies in our target markets.

  • Strong values are a source of great strength. The word Fajr means “dawn” in the Arabic language – representing our vision to be a pioneering, role model institution for the global financial services industry.
  • Strong governance ensures our vision and values are institutionalised. As well as a robust corporate governance framework, Fajr Capital has appointed three independent Shari’a advisors to ensure consistency with Islamic legal and ethical principles. Our commitment to Shari’a principles shapes our investment decisions and creates a unique sense of ownership across the whole business.
  • We believe in values-based and impact-driven investment. Fajr Capital’s partnership-centric investment philosophy is based on the principle of “investing in what we know, where we know, and with whom we know.” We believe that successful investment strategies focus on creating enduring value for all our stakeholders – from our shareholders and employees to the communities we serve.
  • Social impact is the foundation and essence of our work. Fajr Capital Foundation focuses on developing innovative and sustainable models for economic development in the communities we serve. We at Fajr Capital also assist our portfolio companies with developing clear CSR policies, which creates a renewed focus across the company towards making a positive social impact.