With unique insight and global expertise, Fajr Capital believes in unlocking the true potential of our constituent markets.


We invest in growth companies.

An important theme of Fajr Capital’s recent success is our focus on channelling much-needed funding in the form of equity investment to regional growth companies. These promising businesses are led by high quality management teams and operate in dynamic and growing sectors and markets.

Post-investment, Fajr Capital aims to act as a strategic partner rather than a passive investor or a mere source of funding. As such, Fajr Capital is led by a team of seasoned investment professionals, with a proven track record of supporting growth businesses to:

  • Enhance operational performance;
  • Increase product and technological innovation;
  • Pursue consolidation opportunities;
  • Develop distinctive capabilities and skills;
  • Strengthen corporate governance and sustainability;
  • Access global management and industry expertise; and
  • Expand into new markets to become truly global players.

We invest in growth sectors.

Fajr Capital has a successful track record of investing in industry sectors that exhibit tangible and sustainable growth potential.We target “defensive growth” industries i.e. sectors that have the fundamentals to succeed in both good and bad economies, and have the long-term potential to achieve high valuations and returns at exit. These sectors of the economy also:

  • Have significant potential for future development;
  • Enhance long-term economic prosperity;
  • Enable the growth of the middle class; and
  • Allow us to make a positive social impact.

To date, Fajr Capital has developed specific in-house expertise in the specialised sectors of financial services, education, healthcare, transportation, logistics, oil and gas services, industrial manufacturing, and renewable energy, among others.

We invest in growth markets.

The recent emergence of the New Silk Road, which encompasses the growing transport, trade and cultural links across Asia, is enabling new pathways of global trade and investment.

The Middle East and Asia Pacific, in particular, provide a unique and attractive investment opportunity: common values and cross-regional trade flows, coupled with strong growth and high liquidity.

With extensive industry insights and a strong track record, Fajr Capital is well-positioned to capture the growing economic opportunity presented by strong and resilient markets in the Middle East and Asia Pacific regions, such as: Brunei Darussalam, Egypt, Indonesia, Malaysia, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and United Arab Emirates.