Fajr Capital’s Board of Directors, chaired by Adib AlZamil from the Zamil Group, comprises of senior global economic and business leaders. The company’s management team, led by CEO Iqbal Khan, includes seasoned investment professionals, with a proven track-record and deep industry insight.
As well as a robust corporate governance framework, Fajr Capital has appointed three independent Shari’a advisors to ensure consistency with Islamic legal and ethical principles. Our commitment to Shari’a principles shapes our investment decisions and creates a unique sense of ownership across the whole business.

Fajr Capital benefits from a robust and active governance model


Investing in strong management teams and enabling them for long-term success

Management Team

Deep expertise with a track record of successfully executing high quality, sizeable transactions

Shari'a Advisory Board

Three renowned experts in Islamic financial and ethical jurisprudence

Board of Directors

Ten senior business leaders and global industry and economic experts


Mix of Gulf, Southeast Asian, and global sovereign and private institutions